I firmly believe that great teaching requires flexibility, a willingness to get lost for a little bit and the skill, tact, and resolve to re-center discussions and lectures.  I challenge and help students to exceed their own expectations and as they explore, debate, and develop arguments.  My philosophy and experience of teaching integrates immersion in diverse cultural and natural contexts with critical exploration towards an engaged global citizenship.  I see my role as a teacher primarily as a guide, providing advice, critique and knowledge as students set out on a path of their own learning, critical thinking, and active engagement with the world.  My teaching philosophy seeks to harness students’ creativity, aiming to provide them with the tools to actively explore the complex relationships between people, natural resources, cities, and the broader environment.

In my teaching I have encouraged students to find ways to think carefully and critically about their place in the environment and the relationships between historical processes, political-economic conditions, and individual relationship to the environment.  Teaching students at Syracuse University and in India has reinforced my commitment to working with students from diverse backgrounds, challenging students to see the world through perspectives that strive towards justice and equality as they discover a diverse and complex world.

Water in the West (Fall 2014) at the end of a rainy tour of proposed development on the Bear River, UT.

Water in the West (Fall 2014) at the end of a rainy tour of proposed development on the Bear River, UT.

Courses Taught

Dept. of Environmental Studies, Westminster College

  • The Global Environment (ENVI 350)
  • Navajo Public Lands (field studies/service learning) (ENVI 300)
  • Environmental Movements (ENVI 350)
  • Dixie National Forest (service learning) (ENVI 300)
  • Water in the West (ENVI 352)
  • Introduction to Environmental Studies (ENVI 101)
  • Senior Seminar (ENVI 405)
  • Climate and Society (ENVI 350)
  • Cultural Landscapes (ENVI 360)
  • Theories of Nature (ENVI 370)
  • Weather and Culture in America (ENVI 360)


Dept. of English, Westminster College

  • Research and Composition (ENGL 110)

Dept. of Geography & Environmental Studies, George Washington University

  • Political Ecology of the City (graduate seminar)
  • Climate and Human Ecology
  • Society and Environment
  • People, Land, and Food
  • Cultural Geography (Writing in the Discipline)

Dept. of American Studies, George Washington University

  • Weather in American History and Culture

Dept. of Geography, Syracuse University

  • America and the Global Environment
  • The Natural Environment
  • Climate, Weather, and Society

South India Term Abroad, Madurai, India

  • Environmental Issues in South India

The Writing Program, Syracuse University

  • Critical Research and Writing Academic Writing