Research Interests and Publications

My research interests reside at the nature/society tradition of geography at the intersection between environmental history, critical resource geography, and the history of the American West.  I ground my research in a curiosity about the relationships between our knowledge of, and historical interactions with, the natural world  and their political and cultural implications.  I am committed to teasing out the historical and contemporary complexities of these engagements so that we might discover ways to create more just and sustainable relationships with each other and the world around us.  This means grappling with the tensions between perspectives and priorities that are often at odds: urban and rural spaces, political, cultural and natural landscapes, work and play, environmental policy and practice.  I am particularly interested in discovering similarities and points of convergence across these tensions that can animate productive conversations about the sustainability of our relationships with the natural world.

Academic Publications:

“Subdivisions and Deer Uses: Conflicts between Nature and Private Property on the Urban Fringe.” Landscape Research 38.3 (2013): 368-383.

“Paper trails: The Outdoor Recreation Resource Review Commission and the rationalization of recreational resources.” Geoforum, 41:3 (May 2010), 447-456 (pdf) (doi)

Book Review: THE AMERICAN WEST AT RISK: SCIENCE, MYTHS, AND POLITICS OF LAND ABUSE AND RECOVERY. H.G. Wilshire, J.E. Nielson, R.W. Hazlett. Oxford: New York, NY. 2008. ISBN 978-0-19-514205-1 (hardcover), US$3500, xii þ 619 pp. in Land Degradation and Development (2010). (pdf) (doi)

Accepted for inclusion. “‘In the real estate business whether we admit it or not’: Timber and exurban development in Deschutes County, OR” for inclusion in The political ecology of sprawl: How environmental politics are shaping the urban fringe. Edited by Laura Taylor and Patrick Hurley. Springer.

Non-academic publications:

Editor and co-founder of EC Squared.

“The Other Shore.” Rite of Passage: Tales of Backpacking ‘Round Europe
Edited by Lisa Johnson. Lonely Planet (2003), 147-152